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10001 Doolittle Dr., Oakland, CA 94603 2.2 Miles from OAK
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10001 Doolittle Dr., Oakland, CA 94603 Get Directions
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Park N Travel is an easy and convenient choice for anyone flying out of Oakland International Airport.

Park N Travel offers a parking service with low rates and fast, convenient service. The lot is located less than a block from the airport, meaning that you’ll be able to get to your terminal swiftly after checking in your car.

They have a shuttle bus service to bring you from the lot to your terminal, with shuttles running on demand. 

Park N Travel requests that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the time at which you want to be at your terminal to give the shuttle time to pick you up. 

They also offer a towncar as an alternative to the shuttle if you wish to arrange that.

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